I thought a quick word on the use of this blog & the new menu bar might come in handy for those exploring this blog for the first time (Welcome and thanks for reading!) or for loyal return fans looking for bits to play with (cheers for coming back!).

First off, this blog will forever be the window into the minds of a seasoned wine pro and his drinking companion. The conversation that ensues should offer endless new angles to approach wine, creating a common ground for us to share in this delights everyday. It can be seen as a series of lessons, but hopefully it simply feels like you are sharing a bottle with us. Feel free to join us when you can to see how the conversation is developing.

This blog is meant to be a companion piece to our website as well. Check out As new posts come in from either the PRO or the DABBLER, there may be direct thoughts pertaining to the main building blocks of wine (the inherent structural components) as we describe on site. We hope that the simple path our site takes you on (to decipher the secrets that make wine what it is) creates an easy-to-use, common method for exploring wine. But it may not be enough to keep you thinking wine everyday. We thought it best to enhance the process, adding to the conversation from multiple perspectives and with odd connections.

In an effort to focus these random notions, we now added to the menu bar of the blog, the same categories for quick reference to specific sensations. You can now search thoughts linked directly to:


Having trouble defining what you are tasting or what sensation is shooting fireworks off in your mouth? Maybe a quick glance through the posts in each component will help to narrow the search and make you thirsty for a bit more reading. Feel free to leave us comments as it will always lead to different thoughts as we sip along.

New posts coming up right away!